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US smashes US$10m data-stealing 'Bugat' botnet

The US Department of Justice is seen Aug 21, 2015 in Washington, DC.

[WASHINGTON] Malware that stole bank codes and other data worth at least US$10 million in the US alone has been smashed through a coordinated effort with Britain and new charges leveled against the administrator of the hacking network, US officials said.

The Bugat botnet, also known as Cridex or Dridex, spread through seemingly innocuous emails to computers and once inside was used by botnet operators to obtain bank details and initiate bank transfers of millions of dollars, the US Department of Justice said.

"Through a technical disruption and criminal indictment we have struck a blow to one of the most pernicious malware threats in the world," the DOJ's David Hickton said in a statement on Tuesday.

A 30-year-old Moldovan, Andrey Ghinkul, arrested on August 28 in Cyprus, was charged on Tuesday with crimes related to the operation of the botnet and Washington is seeking his extradition.


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