THE Tokyo art exhibit opened to enthusiastic visitors, but many of those circulating weren't just there to soak in some culture - they were casing the joint for a midnight raid.

WHEN GILLMAN BARRACKS reopened recently, gallerists had quite a bit cleaning to do.

[TOKYO] Scientists had nicknamed it "The Thing" - a mysterious football-sized fossil discovered in Antarctica that sat in a Chilean museum awaiting someone who could work out just what it was.

Delayed by Covid-19, an international art show with Singapore’s participation finally opens in Hong Kong

THEY waited patiently in line in the heat, standing on large blue stickers placed 1.8 metres apart, to enter the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston - the first major American art museum to reopen since...

WOULD you put your slippers on display?

[HELSINKI] Late Friday evening, Finland's most populous region cut itself off from the rest of the country. By the time residents of Uusimaa, which includes the capital, Helsinki, and is home to...

National Gallery Singapore’s first solo exhibition of 2020 looks at the distinctive art of Latiff Mohidin

[LONDON] A lost portrait of Charles Dickens and 25 of his unpublished letters will go on display for the first time after a major acquisition from a private collector.

[NEW YORK] The 85,000 items, some dating to the 19th century, told the rich story of the Chinese migration to the United States: textiles, restaurant menus, handwritten letters, tickets for ship's...