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At Tokyo Fashion Week, subcultures take centrestage

A model presents a creation of Mikio Sakabe. His seven-inch platform shoes, laced up to the ankle with thick ribbon, were similar to those seen on the New York runway at Marc Jacobs this year.

(Left) A model presenting a creation by Japanese designer Yukihiro Teshima. "I want to tell people that having fun is important," Teshima said. (Right) A model displaying a creation by Japanese designer Keiichiro Yuri. There were enormous wide-brimmed Little Bo Peep hats, plastic science-fiction style armour and shell-like sheaths worn over metallic skirts.


THE Marc Jacobs of Japan, singing cats and models cloaked into armour: J-pop and science fiction transformed Tokyo Fashion Week spring/summer 2017 into a style fest unlike any other.

In a world where fashion mines entertainment like never before, Japan's established and...

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