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Brewing up a Bettr future

Pamela Chng's Bettr Barista helps marginalised women and at-risk youth find gainful employment

“It is not enough to just train somebody on something. We need to give them a much broader set of skills to cope with their life and work challenges, so that they don’t give up.” - Pamela Chng (right, in black), founder of Bettr Barista.

Bettr Barista (above), runs a social programme training marginalised women and youth at risk. It earns its keep mainly by conducting coffee-related workshops, imparting brewing, barista and sensorial skills.


SOCIAL enterprises are more often likened to charities or corporate social responsibility (CSR), mostly distant from a hard-nosed business world view.

But Pamela Chng, founder of Bettr Barista, does not subscribe to that. "To be sustainable...