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Mr Leslie Ngah loves networking with passengers

Impress clients without breaking the bank

Jun 15, 2017 12:00 AM

First impressions count when you meet clients. But very often, it is the little things you do for them on a regular basis that will not only help you clinch that business deal but keep them coming back for more.

After wining and dining clients or showing them a good time around town, why not book a sleek high-end ride on GrabCar Premium to complete the experience? With its lower fares, ferrying them around as you entertain them in style doesn’t have to cost as much.For a small investment - minimum fares for GrabCar Premium is now reduced from $15 to $7.50, base fare from $5 to $3.75 and per km rate from $1.80 to $0.75, access a variety of stylish cars from the GrabCar Premium fleet to ferry them around to business meetings and leisure activities, as you sit back and be the host with the most.

Journeys that used to cost approximately $20 will now be an estimated $10.

Cars that fall under the GrabCar Premium category include specific models from BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar, Volkswagen, Lexus and more.

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Eye-catching ride

Caption: Mr Leslie Ngah drives a sleek BMW 5 series for GrabCar Premium.

Booking a GrabCar Premium ride can be as fast as booking a normal GrabCar ride.

I booked a ride to Novena. It took me two minutes to get connected to GrabCar Premium driver Mr Leslie Ngan.

The car-enthusiast in me was thrilled to see my ride, a sporty black BMW 5 series. My friend was equally impressed as the car rounded the corner and approached us.

The sleek car is cosy and perfect for leaving a formal impression on your companions.  

It was clear my driver takes pride in his car and wants his passengers to be as comfortable as possible. He was also friendly and forthcoming with information when I asked to know more about the GrabCar Premium option.

He says: “I meet a lot of businessmen, professionals. It is a great way to network and get opportunities you normally would not have.”

Affordable fares

Mr Ngan says he picks premium riders up mostly from business districts or town. And prices look promisingly wallet-friendly.

 A trip with Mr Ngan at 2pm, which was approximately 15 minutes, cost $11.

My second ride was with another GrabCar Premium driver, Mr Choo, 46. He drives part-time with his car, a Volvo S80.

“People have a misconception that it costs a lot. Now with the reduced fares, passengers sometimes only pay $8 or $9,” says Mr Choo.

BT readers can now enjoy a special discount. Book a four-seater ride with GrabCar Premium and get $6 off each ride use the code BTVIP. The code is open to new and existing users, and will be valid from June 15 to June 30, capped at 500 redemptions per day.