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My Weekend

What people do, why and where - As told to Jaime Ee, Tay Suan Chiang, Dylan Tan
Nov 5, 2016 5:50 AM


CEO, VLV Pte Ltd

"When you are a mother of five daughters and running two full-time businesses, free time is a luxury. My weekends consist of work and play - the kids are either in the pool or their little playpen library at home. If not, we're at Motherworks in Great World City for more books and educational toys, and stuffing our faces at Capri Trattoria in Binjai Park, our favourite pizzeria down the road from our place.

I like simple pleasures that don't require jostling with crowds and putting on layers of make-up for appearance's sake - that's what I do at work. Occasionally I make an exception - last week I was at a lovely yacht show at the Raffles Marina with one of the kids. This week, I'm keeping things simple but special with a barbecue cookout by the husband at home for a small group of close friends. Nothing beats a good, robust piece of true blue USDA ribeye beef and we get ours from Huber's Butchery at Dempsey.

Market voices on:

I like my steak with sake - it's my Achilles heel - so I head down to my favourite supplier Orihara Shoten, for amazingly good quality sake at reasonable prices."


Founder, Ministry of Design

"Our weekends are a veritable rojak mix of activities or just sleeping in. It kicks off with brunch (typically after a gym session). My wife Joy usually wants to check out someplace new but I'm all about hawker fare like prawn mee from Pek Kio, or bak chor mee from High Street.

If we're entertaining that night, which we often do, grocery shopping could be at Meidi-ya (I'm in my Japanese culinary phase now), Foodie Market for steaks or Tekka Market for vegetables and seafood. We know all the stall owners by name!

For a night out, our favourite haunts are Piedra Negra (Haji Lane), Teochew Steamboat (Joo Chiat), with drinks and live music at our all-time fave music joint: Barber Shop (The Asian Civilisations Museum).

This weekend, we're headed to The Karting Area circuit with our nephew, and to a lovely home-cooked dinner by foodie friends.

Joy is a big wine fan, so we've been to some weekend wine fairs such as Wine Fiesta. Some weekends back, we watched Rent by Pangdemonium and were blown away by the amazing vocals of Tabitha Nauser.

A highlight of the weekend is our Sunday afternoon church gathering, followed by a chill dinner someplace laid back like Camp Kilo or Tanjong Beach Club."


Head of Strategic Marketing/A&R, Universal Music Singapore

"I try not to have to work on weekends though it's also taken up pretty much by music - which is my hobby anyway. I've been crate-digging (the term used by record collectors to describe going through cartons of used vinyls) since secondary school so even though I have my own family now, I can't stop doing it.

But more than that, it's an opportunity for me to catch up with my friends. We usually head down to The Adelphi on Saturdays to browse through the stuff at Memory Lane (#B1-17). There are actually more record shops in Singapore now - for example, Hear Records (Burlington Square) has just opened a new branch in Chinatown last week.

Sometimes, we also crate dig at a friend's house - some collectors might be looking to downsize, while others want to clear out space for new buys. So there's always somewhere to go and something to do.

Sundays are spent mostly with my family at home; I'll be playing the stuff I've just bought or rearranging my collection, putting away vinyls which are now taking up space on the floor! This is why I can only afford to stick to one vice now and no longer collect comics and books."