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Fashion fights back with virtual festival of style

Aug 13, 2020 5:50 AM

STAYING power, as much as talent, has helped Singapore fashion designer Max Tan flourish on both the local and international front. Now, he is marking his 10th year with a retrospective collection at The Front Row, Singapore's first virtual fashion festival. Together with 40 other local and Asian designers, the festival is a show of strength for an industry that has been battered by the global pandemic crisis.

In tomorrow's BTLifestyle, designers share how they have been finding creative ways to stay in the game, and supermodels past and present share their thoughts on their career and the industry.

Meanwhile, if you are thinking of building a home that offers plenty of space, privacy and greenery, check out a detached home that fits the bill and was designed by an award-winning architect.

Also, if you are planning on some revenge spending, we have a few watch ideas to whet your appetite. And speaking of appetite, we sample some kappo-style cuisine at new Japanese restaurant Nishikane.

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