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TECH BOON FOR BP CHECKS: Japan's Nihon University professor Sadao Omata displays the new blood pressure monitor IC Me with a smartphone to display blood pressure and pulse wave at the Wearable Device Technology Expo in Tokyo on Jan 14, 2015. Home BP monitoring twice a day can help to prevent a wrong diagnosis of hypertension and to avoid unnecessary medication.

Lowdown on high blood pressure

There is strong evidence that the lowering of blood pressure can prevent stroke and heart disease
Jan 24, 2015 5:50 AM

WHENEVER the heart pumps, it generates a pressure in the arteries. The pressure rises to a peak, which is recorded as the upper blood pressure (BP) reading or systolic BP (SBP) and then falls to a nadir, which is recorded as the lower BP reading or diastolic BP (DBP), after which the pressure in