Rough ride on the Man Code Expressway

Published Thu, Jan 9, 2014 · 10:00 PM
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HAPPY New Year. Forgive the belated greeting, but after navigating the MCE to get to the ECP in the hope of exiting at the AYE to enter the CBD, I found myself hopelessly lost on the KPE, with fading hopes of ever finding the PIE again. In other words, I am not home yet.

Do not mock me. Advocates of gender differences - and probably the guy who designed the MCE in the first place - will no doubt chalk this up to a case of male drivers good, women drivers oxymoron. But it does add fuel to my theory that urban street planning is a totally sexist endeavour designed to perpetuate this stereotype.

Of course, it was mostly men who railed against the MCE when it first opened to massive traffic jams (don't blame me - I was already somewhere in Tuas). Going by the online rants, it wasn't so much their inability to make sense of the new routes, mind you, but a big government conspiracy to squander $4.3 billion of taxpayer money to build a fancy expressway with the diabolical intention of increasing ERP gantries and ultimately forcing people to stop buying cars altogether.

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