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Designing a business

LAUD Architects initially took on projects that were either housing or churches, but has since expanded its repertoire to include industrial buildings, educational centres and healthcare institutions.

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Joseph Lau, Laud Architects

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THE BOSSES. From left: LAUD Architects’ Deputy Managing Director Ho Tzu Yin, Director Jason Bok, Managing Director Joseph Lau Tse Kit, Director Melvin H J Tan, Associate Architect Eugene Aw, Associate Architect Matthew Yeo

"DON’T call me towkay,” were some of the first words uttered by Joseph Lau, managing director of LAUD Architects, during The SME Magazine’s interviewwith him. Unassuming and mildmannered, Mr Lau does not fit the usual stereotype of the flamboyant creative. He was also distinctly uncomfortable...

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