FOR the last century, new communications technologies - radio, television, VCRs, the Internet - have all been initially sold as something that will help with education, and have actually been used...


I LOVE the poorly educated" - so declared Donald Trump back in February 2016, after a decisive win in the Nevada primary.


THE rosy narrative of a strong revival in the global economy that was shaped by upbeat numbers in the first quarter of this year is wilting.

IT is not as if the British nation or, for that matter, any even half-awake observer around the world does not know what they are getting with prospective prime minister Boris Johnson.


IN today's business environment, data is being shared across messaging platforms at unprecedented rates, powered by the rise of cloud computing and a host of other technological innovations.


EUROPEAN presidents and prime ministers meet for a landmark summit on Thursday and Friday that will shape the continent until at least 2024. The meeting will focus on the bloc's future strategic...


THE United States' recovery from the Great Recession recently turned 10 years old, matching the longest American expansion since records were first kept in the 1850s. The global recovery will also...


LET'S face it. When trading on a stock is suspended by the Singapore Exchange (SGX), the one thing buoying it from being booted from the bourse is hope - copious amounts of it - that it will one...


THOSE of us who can remember the Tanker War in the Middle East Gulf 30 years ago will have been dismayed by the latest news coming from the region.

BUSINESSES across industries are now embracing new technologies. They are using data to adopt smarter ways of working, to be more efficient and productive, to deliver better customer experiences,...