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A pitch for the past


WHO doesn't love a peek into the past? A sepia-toned photograph, the warm sound of vinyl, an '80s meme, a #throwbackthursday?

Brands have long plumbed the depths of nostalgia in their marketing to great effect. Why and how does it work? And does history continue to have a hold on the ever-savvy, tech-ready consumers of today and tomorrow, or has nostalgia had its day? Brunch this Saturday in The Business Times Weekend looks at how turning back the clock works.

In The Raffles Conversation, Jim Chirico, Avaya president and CEO, tells why he believes the business communications industry will be completely transformed.

In our Investing & Wealth section, This Time Is Different examines how emerging markets crisis periods are caused by a global liquidity crunch, putting them into the current perspective of Turkey and Argentina. What opportunities do these crisis episodes present to investors? CFA Singapore Insights meanwhile delivers a timely wrap of the global macro scene, with the US diverging from other markets and implications for the rest of the world.

Market voices on:

Question Time With Mentor John delves into the tricky situations that businesses land in when they move into outsourcing.

Sass & The City unpicks the inequality stigma, and finds that it raises uncomfortable questions on how we put deliberate distance between classes.

And in a BT Exclusive, The Steering Column explores South Africa, trekking from Johannesburg to Kruger National Park in a BMW X3 for a wild ride.