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Beyond NY resolutions


LIFE'S complicated. When it gets harder to keep up with a world order that's changing so fast and not always in a good way, maybe it's time for us to "woke" up.

"Woke" is a term to describe greater political and social consciousness. In Friday's issue of BT Weekend magazine, we look at how to live better in 2019. It's not so much about the usual new year resolutions to keep fit and get rid of bad habits, but about learning to do better, help the world and be more gracious towards diversity and differences. Be it in the way we socialise, travel, eat or shop, we ask those who are already walking the talk for advice on how to ignite our inner "wokefulness".

Meanwhile, we speak to hotelier Surya Jhunjhnuwala, scion of the property-based Hind Group, about selling the family's Imperial Hotel in Singapore and founding his own fast growing Naumi hotel brand.

End the year on a high with our guide to the hottest places to party at the stroke of midnight. We also peep into a ground floor flat in trendy heritage neighborhood Tiong Bahru to spy on its owner's eclectic decor and head out to Stockholm where the weather is frightfully cold but the people and lifestyle will warm your heart.

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