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Getting ahead in the multi- currency game


WITH the emergence of the multi-currency e-wallet, travelling no longer involves stashing foreign cash in your suitcase. The low exchange fees that new players dangle have also hooked hoards of users tired of being blindsided by an exorbitant conversion fee when the credit card bill arrives.

This Saturday, Brunch in The Business Times Weekend looks at whether the cost savings really trump regular credit cards, and if innovative new players pose a threat to the financial giants in the payments sector.

"Real estate is now a global commodity," says Alistair Elliott, senior partner and group chairman of Knight Frank. And in every part of the world, the potential for growth is tremendous, he shares in The Raffles Conversation.

This week's sell-down in China came as no surprise. US markets seemed to shake it off, continuing on their own bullish way. But the real impact of China's coronavirus outbreak has yet to be counted, says our Chart View columnist.

How does diversity make a difference to investors? CFA Singapore Insights outlines why incorporating diverse perspectives into the investment decision-making process will drive better outcomes for investors.

Now that Brexit is well and truly underway, can the British make Great Britain great again? A country brand adviser gives his take.

Reports of aircraft engine failure crop up with alarming regularity. Why is this happening? Flight safety - and aviation revenue - cannot be dependent on a wing and a prayer, says a contributing writer in The Broad View.

And in the Health page, how aesthetics treatments can help you maintain your youthful glow.