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Going down the rate-cut rabbit hole


AS Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc on economies and business everywhere, central banks have been quick to signal that they are ready to step in with support. Yet stock markets are struggling to make sense of the still-unfolding outbreak: assured one day and spooked the next.

How effective are monetary and fiscal tools in their impact on the economy, and in the face of crisis? Brunch this Saturday in The Business Times Weekend discusses the issues brought to the fore by this week's policy panic.

Dan Watkins worked his way up from a call centre employee to his current post as Apac chief of JP Morgan Asset Management. He shares the lessons he's learnt and changes he's seen, in The Raffles Conversation.

The week's steep dives in the Dow aren't just "a passing phase", says our Chart View columnist Daryl Guppy. The coronavirus is bringing with it a market reset, and investors will need to look closely at signs and what they mean. And if you're wondering how much (more) of a hit your portfolio might take, read the MSCI's coronavirus stress-test report in our Wealth & Investing section.

The Internet of Things is not a wave that floats all boats. Only a thorough understanding of the evolving landscape will enable investors to determine which firms are able to generate value, the CFA Singapore Insights column says.

Do you have to be loud to be heard? We all know Greta Thunberg and her impassioned call for action on climate change. But do we know about Boyan Slat, whose garbage-gobbling barge is actually cleaning up oceans? The Winding Road wonders why not.

The right diet is key to preventing strokes and heart disease. A cardiologist sets out what eggs, red meat and alcohol do to your system, in our Health page.

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