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In pursuit of memorable experiences


THERE'S no business without showbusiness - that seems to be the clarion call for a growing number of companies which cater to people who eschew material goods in their pursuit of memorable experiences.

In Friday's issue of Weekend magazine, we find out exactly what the experience economy is - defined as an exciting and memorable activity packaged with a product purchase - and spotlight four companies that have hit on a success formula by catering to this new market. They include an independent dinner theatre outfit which organises everything from stage productions featuring elaborately costumed characters to corporate parties; and a famous bicycle brand which opened an interactive cycling gallery not to sell their two-wheelers but to promote the love for cycling.

We also get some insights into the world of retail from Tim Kobe, an architect and designer best known for helping Steve Jobs create the original concept for Apple stores. Since then, he has worked with brands like Nike, Virgin Atlantic and Xiaomi to rethink the way they serve their customers in the physical and digital realm.

Next, we return to Korea but this time to Seoul for some local food, and we don't mean bibimbap or kimchi jjigae. Instead, we meet up with forward-thinking chefs who are putting their own stamp on traditional cuisine and attracting much international attention in the process.

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Back home, we shine the spotlight on a conservation shophouse in Onan Road which earned a special mention at this year's URA Architectural Heritage Awards for its sensitive restoration.

Elsewhere, we check out some of the new colourful watches in the market now; travel to Shanghai for Hugo Boss's pre-Fall show, and get a crash course in Filipino food in a new illustrated book.

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