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In the search for talent, how does Singapore score?


IN the race among cities to attract top global talent, entrepreneurs, and startups, Singapore's no laggard. Yet with such talent in short supply everywhere, how easy is it for Singapore to remain attractive to the world's best? And while it seems that global talent is still willing to knock on Singapore's door, just how open is that door? In Brunch this Saturday in The Business Times Weekend, we look at the efforts in our quest to draw top-tier talent, and the questions that arise.

PricewaterhouseCoopers global chairman Robert Moritz joined the firm in the mid-1980s for pragmatic reasons. But today's graduates want to not just do well in their careers, but to do good in society - something that PwC itself has come to aim for, he shares, in The Raffles Conversation.

Unlike a black swan event, a grey rhino event is where the potential event is known, but the timing and development path are unknown. This week, US President Trump unleashed a grey rhino when he labelled China a "currency manipulator". Chart View assesses the damage.

A recent survey by the CFA Institute shows investment industry professionals expect that individuals' roles in the investment profession will transform not once or twice, but multiple times during their career. And half expected their role to be significantly different, or unlikely to exist within five to 10 years. How should investment professionals adapt and embrace new challenges and opportunities for career success? Find out in CFA Singapore Insights.

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