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It's Sri Lanka time


IT'S been barely 10 years since Sri Lanka emerged from the depths of civil war, but it's making up for lost time, and so are intrepid travellers drawn to the myriad attractions of this ancient land.

Friday's issue of Weekend magazine begins in Colombo, where colonial architecture and tasty Sri Lankan cuisine await, and then moves on to the sweeping hillside vistas of Kandy, where the healing takes place at Santani Wellness resort, hailed by top magazines as one of the top resorts in the world.

Then leave the world behind as you step into the wifi- and phone reception-free Gal Oya Lodge, where you wake up to life in the jungle but with modern hotel amenities. Go wildlife hunting in the Gal Oya National Park, scouting for elephants in their natural habitat without competition from other tourist-laden jeeps speeding alongside.

A trip to Sri Lanka is bound to leave you with a craving for its food when you get home. It's harder to find than you think, but we manage to unearth some worthy options.

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