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Singapore talent in the spotlight


WITH National Day around the corner, Weekend magazine puts the spotlight on Singapore talent. In Friday's issue, we look at how homegrown jewellery designers are putting their spin on family heirlooms as more well-heeled clients seek out bespoke designs to hand down to the younger generation. Designers such as Choo Yilin, Vinod More and Marilyn Tan are some of the established names who have carved a strong reputation for themselves in Singapore alongside international names. They talk about how they are creating gem designs to last for generations.

In Weekend Interview, we speak to Han Keen Juan, founder and executive chairman of Old Chang Kee, creator of Singapore's most famous curry puff. He shares his thoughts on how the snack that all Singaporeans grew up with became a multi-million dollar empire, and the challenges of breaking into the European market.

We also highlight how far Singapore cuisine has gone beyond street food. Four home-grown eateries talk about how creating their own identity is paying off as they embark on expansion plans.

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