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The Great HDB Lease Decay Debate, in BT Weekend


WHAT happens to HDB property as it ages and nears the end of its 99-year lease? Discussions of depreciation are often tangled up with the many other factors that push and pull on the values of public housing flats.

In Brunch this Saturday in The Business Times Weekend, we look at what the data on actual transactions is saying, and what conclusions might be drawn from such quantitative research.

In The Raffles Conversation, Heather Humphreys, Ireland's Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, talks about Brexit, innovation and the survival of small, open economies.

In most markets, there are pairs that trade in tandem, that are seen as proxies for each other. The Hang Seng, for instance, is often traded as a proxy for China markets, a view that is increasingly being disproved. Similarly, silver is no longer a proxy for gold, as the two metals are now clearly diverging, as Chart View finds.

CFA Singapore Insights delves into an ethics case study of insider trading: what exactly is it that makes a transaction an "insider" one?

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Everyone makes snafus at work. The question is, how should one respond to it in the office so that the mistake doesn't follow you around like a bad smell. This week, Cubicle Files finds out what a proper apology looks like (to put it colloquially, sorry no enough) and what are some major no-nos.

Speaking of no-nos, it seems as if political correctness has an iron grip on conversation, and we now engage in meaningless small talk more than ever. In The Winding Road, our new column on life's lessons, our columnist points to honesty as the better policy, politeness be damned.

And in our Health page, a close look at the early signs and symptoms of head and neck cancers.

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