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The property merry-go-round


IN THE wake of measures put in place to cool Singapore's property market, a handful of anomalies have arisen, as investors seek ways to tiptoe around the additional stamp duties and limits on financing. Brunch in this Saturday's The Business Times Weekend unveils what some buyers have done, and other unintended consequences of the cooling measures.

From standing at the frontline in battles against cyber spies and criminals, FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia gleans a unique perspective on today's cyber security challenges. He shares his views in The Raffles Conversation.

In our Investing and Wealth section, the Value Insight column explores whether the timing of a fund's inception matters, and whether, on average, new funds or more established funds perform better.

CFA Singapore Insights explains why analysts' stock market forecasts are lessons in futility. In the face of today's constant volatility then, how should income investors act? The Fool's Eye View has some advice. And keep an eye on the movements of safe haven gold, in our new weekly gold market summary by Phillip Futures.

Last year, TikTok was one of 2018's most downloaded mobile apps for Apple and Android devices in the US and Europe, unseating the likes of YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. In The Broad View, we look at how a video sharing platform became China's first globally successful app.

It's probably not a surprise that January is resignation season. After all, most have collected their bonuses and made plans for a fresh start. Whatever the reasons for your departure, it's crucial that both employees and employers navigate the final hurdle - the exit interview - carefully. Find out how in Cubicle Files.

And in The Finish Line, the top five men and women to watch out for at the 2019 Australian Open, which begins on Monday in Melbourne.

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