The UK, EU have to end the Brexit saga once and for all

IT HAS been six months since I last wrote on Brexit. At that time, it was going nowhere, despite various deadlines. And so it proved, with deadlock in the UK Parliament and eventually a change of prime minister, which has just taken place.


Who do we really not like?

IN 2001, I found myself as a member of the most despised profession in the world - a practising public accountant. This was because of a number of international scandals blamed on poor standards of auditing, culminating in the fall of Enron and the demise of the then largest international...

Risk of civil disorder if Brexit vote is not followed

AFTER a series of debates, the UK Parliament has decided to send their Prime Minister back to Brussels to renegotiate the terms of withdrawal from the EU, due on March 29. The specific matter to be discussed is the status of the border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic after...


Who will blink first in UK's pantomime of Parliament?

PANTOMIME is an honoured form of entertainment in many countries and for many races and religions. It features goodies and baddies, and the goodies win so we can all live happily ever after. It has to have jokes in it, some of which are good and many bad and it appeals to the child in all of us...


Brexit limps towards a conclusion

THE UK appears to have negotiated a deal with the EU to settle the terms of leaving the union from the end of March 2019. The Prime Minister is taking the credit for this achievement, rather than the official negotiating team. Indeed, the original chief negotiator, David Davis, resigned several...