Society has to rebalance wealth for the heroes of Covid-19 outbreak

HELLO from locked-down UK. The sun has been shining for several days after months of cold and damp. This coincides with the Easter weekend, the third one of the restrictions on movement and social meetings. This is causing stress because of the natural desire to get out and enjoy the weather,...


A 'bright new future' for the UK in 2020

BORIS Johnson has won a mandate to get Brexit done. The general election, just before Christmas, ended up with the Conservatives gaining a majority which, unless they do something totally stupid, will see them in power for the next decade.


Governing Britain - a complicated process

SINGAPORE has had a lot of criticism about its fairness of government since independence. The "liberal" West has harped on about a one-party state and suppression of opposition to government policy.


Hello - is anyone there?

MY FIRST article for The Business Times was back in the 1990s when I bemoaned the fact that Singapore Airlines had announced that you would be able to access e-mail on their flights. Was no place safe?