My iPhone guessed I was pregnant

I'M not of the generation that grew up with the Internet. My most high-tech play as a kid involved Game Boys and Sega consoles - and even then, those entered our household when I was well into primary school.


When gender reveal parties go awry

I WISH I were given 10 bucks every time someone asked me: "Are you going to have a gender reveal party?"


Ode to my alma mater

I DON'T remember much of my first year of formal education. After all, Primary 1 at Singapore Chinese Girls' School was a blur to me - a joyful blur, to be sure, but a blur nonetheless.


Sham scams

ALL me paranoid, but I feel like scams are everywhere. Between the countless news reports of increasingly creat- ive phishing scams, and the random messages I receive from my parents asking if something they've received is real, it's hard not to think there's a flimflam around...


Rixsky business

IN THE last edition of Offbeat, I pondered why Singaporeans insist on calling the hash key - that is the symbol # - the hex key. The column sparked some delightful conversations; acquaintances I hadn't heard from in ages told me they'd never realised that "hex" was incorrect...


Quite a vexing hex

EARLIER this week, I called a bank and had the (dis)pleasure of dealing with an automated telephone operator. You know the type - sing-song voice at much too high a pitch, rattling off more options than there are telephone keys, always implying the solution to your problem is just a "please...


I don't think you're ready for this jelly

IT was an idyllic day in Phuket. I had just told my husband: "I could float around in this sea all day…"...


Clearing the air on tobacco investments

I'M too cheap to pay for a gym membership, so I often work out in public parks. One of my favourite spots is a large lawn right by my office building; in the evenings, it's filled with burly rugby players, gravity-defying yoga enthusiasts, and frolicking kids waiting for their parents...


Lessons from plants and poop during bush walks

SAY the word "safari", and it's game drives that immediately come to mind: jouncing in a jeep through African plains, gawking at the stretch of unending wilderness, marvelling at the majesty of the Big Five (lions, leopards, rhinoceroses, elephants and buffaloes)....


The magic of misheard lyrics

MY husband and father share a rare talent: the knack for mishearing (and royally mangling) lyrics.


No power, no point

WHEN I was student in the 1990s, there was one piece of classroom equipment I loved more than anything else: the OHP. Yes, I realise that's a strange thing to cherish - overhead projectors are, after all, utterly banal, extremely low-tech, and highly unsexy machines....