The kindness of strangers

IN my last Offbeat column, I wrote about the freakiness of all-knowing tech, sharing how my iPhone had guessed I was pregnant - even before my husband and I had breathed a word to anyone else.


My iPhone guessed I was pregnant

I'M not of the generation that grew up with the Internet. My most high-tech play as a kid involved Game Boys and Sega consoles - and even then, those entered our household when I was well into primary school.


When gender reveal parties go awry

I WISH I were given 10 bucks every time someone asked me: "Are you going to have a gender reveal party?"


Ode to my alma mater

I DON'T remember much of my first year of formal education. After all, Primary 1 at Singapore Chinese Girls' School was a blur to me - a joyful blur, to be sure, but a blur nonetheless.


Sham scams

ALL me paranoid, but I feel like scams are everywhere. Between the countless news reports of increasingly creat- ive phishing scams, and the random messages I receive from my parents asking if something they've received is real, it's hard not to think there's a flimflam around...


Rixsky business

IN THE last edition of Offbeat, I pondered why Singaporeans insist on calling the hash key - that is the symbol # - the hex key. The column sparked some delightful conversations; acquaintances I hadn't heard from in ages told me they'd never realised that "hex" was incorrect...


Quite a vexing hex

EARLIER this week, I called a bank and had the (dis)pleasure of dealing with an automated telephone operator. You know the type - sing-song voice at much too high a pitch, rattling off more options than there are telephone keys, always implying the solution to your problem is just a "please...


I don't think you're ready for this jelly

IT was an idyllic day in Phuket. I had just told my husband: "I could float around in this sea all day…"...