IN ruling that it is acceptable to discriminate against an athlete for her natural physical attributes, the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) has opened a can of worms.

[LONDON] British Airways and Air New Zealand have joined a wave of major US airlines planning to introduce extra gender options for LGBT+ passengers who don't identify as either male or female....

[NEW YORK] US carriers will soon offer passengers additional options besides "male" and "female" when they buy tickets, an airlines trade association said Tuesday....

[LONDON] The Church of England on Tuesday issued guidance for parishes to plan "creative and sensitive" services to help transgender people mark their transition.

[NEW YORK] When workers know how their pay compares with their colleagues, the difference between what men and women earn gets smaller, according to new economic research.


SHE was rather confused. Not Eliza Doolittle, mind, but another fair lady who had come to watch the musical re-staged 25 years after its last appearance on Broadway.