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Three wines stood out from the 12 that were tasted: the Boillot Puligny Pucelles, Carillon's Puligny Perrieres, and Roche de Bellene's Chassagne Macherelles, the last being especially noteworthy as it is from a negociant house, and a new one at that.

Burgundy bounty of 2005

Believed to be a great vintage year, the 2005s threw up rapturous highs - and some lows.
Jan 30, 2015 5:50 AM

WHEN I read Andre Simon's definition of a connoisseur as "one who knows good wine from bad and appreciates the different merits of different wines", it cheered me up, especially after finding out that I am hopeless at blind tastings!

The Oxford dictionary's definition is similar: "An

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