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LOVELY: A glorious and gleaming golden colour, a light fresh scent of citrus fruit, so youthful notwithstanding its age. There was hardly any trace of the trademark 'keroseney' so characteristic of aged Riesling, Alsace in particular.

Riesling should share stage with Chardonnay

An aged Clos Ste Hune, ie more than 10 years' age, is just magic.
Mar 25, 2016 5:50 AM

WHY do we like wine? Or more pertinently, why do I like wine? That is not the same question as "Why do I drink wine?"

Like most Singapore-born Chinese, I grew up drinking water with my meals. Not Coca-Cola, not 7-Up, not tea. Water, preferably ice-water. In my early days the refrigerator

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