This trading app helps investors make smarter decisions with ease

With zero commission, access to experts and advance order types, uSMART is suitable for those who want to invest using an app with both high-tech and high-touch features

In today's turbulent markets, exercising care when choosing and buying stocks is paramount.

Volatile market conditions globally have also led to unpredictable price movements, resulting in losses for some traders and opportunities for others who are looking for a good entry point.

One way investors can learn to trade more successfully is through uSMART's educational features, guidance on stock picks and trading strategies. uSMART also offers one of the lowest trading fees.

An example of such a platform is the uSMART mobile app. The app offers a myriad of educational resources, a sleek interface that is packed with smart advance order types which enables you to automate buys and sells based on your own set of criteria and offers zero commission for US, Singapore and Hong Kong markets.

Educational resources designed to be engaging

Consuming and understanding resources about financial markets is one of the biggest challenges facing investors. Information on the Internet is rarely beginner-friendly, and industry jargon can confuse and frustrate investors, especially those who are just starting out and lack financial literacy.

However, in today's turbulent markets, it is essential that investors educate themselves in order to avoid losses as best as they can.

To tackle these issues, uSMART aims to educate users in an engaging way. The app's user interface is designed to be sleek, and replaces jargon with simpler terms that are easier to understand.

In addition, uSMART is focused on offering an educational experience that is accessible and attractive to investors.

Its finance TikToks or "FinToks" are designed to be short and fun, making financial content easy and enjoyable to consume. The Tiktok format enables investors to go through large volumes of educational content that can help them level up their investing skills without getting bored or frustrated.

uSMART also offers short in-app courses that enable investors to learn how to trade in a more structured manner as investors are guided through courses that are organised according to their complexity levels.

Level up your trading skills with uSMART's FinToks. Photo: uSMART

Stock picks and advice from trading experts

With the vast amount of information on the Internet, investors often do not know where to begin.

Because of this, some investors may put off investing until they feel comfortable. The delay can cause them to miss out on the benefits of compounding interest, which requires a longer time horizon to accumulate.

Making informed investment decisions is another key challenge for investors. Researching stocks can be time-consuming and requires knowledge in various areas, including analysis of businesses' fundamentals and an understanding of market cycles.

Trading app uSMART has found the solution to this analysis paralysis with its Daily Stock Pick feature, which offers stock recommendations and analyses from trading experts. Each day, uSMART showcases three stocks which have a high possibility of increasing in value over the next few days, which investors can use to guide them in their trading choices.

Users can also tap expert advice by speaking directly with trading professionals through the Expert Chats feature.

With help from seasoned investment professionals, investors can enjoy the benefits of a high-touch trade and be better equipped to avoid shock losses in the current market turbulence, which is expected to continue due to ripple effects from the recent US market downturn.1

Advance order types and fractional shares

uSMART is also designed to make order execution easy for investors.

Gone are the days where the names of the advance order types sound complicated. Advance order types are automated, conditional trades that are executed based on a set of criterias pre-decided by the trader. uSMART has named its advance order types with simple-to-understand names like " Breakthrough Buy", "Breakdown Sell" and also provided illustrations to further explain how to use the order types effectively.

With nine different advance order types under the "SMART Order" feature, traders have the freedom to choose one that complements their strategies without having to come up with one from scratch. The usual "buy" and "short" for equities, "limit" and "market order" functions are also available on the app.

Apart from the above, uSMART has also introduced US fractional shares trading to its users to further complement their investment objectives. Investors are now able to invest in stocks that were once considered out of their reach as the share price is beyond their entire investment portfolio. With this fractional shares feature, investors are able to buy "a fraction" of the stock based on either the amount or quantity.

We can all now own a piece of the most expensive stock listed in the US market; Berkshire Hathaway Inc (price as at July 20, 2022, US$425,110).

Lowest fees, transparent pricing

Last but not least, after investors learn about the market, know what to invest in, and how to execute the trades efficiently and effectively, we come to the final piece of the puzzle: the fees.

uSMART understands that investors might be wary about losing money because of high fees. Thus, it uses a transparent pricing model in addition to charging some of the lowest fees on the market.

Until the end of 2022, uSMART will be charging zero commission for all stock markets (US, Singapore, Hong Kong) and no additional US Settlement Fees (which are charged by some brokers). For the Singapore market, to encourage more people to start their investment journey, uSMART has also adopted a "no minimum fee" rule.

This is in contrast with many platforms that charge minimum fees, which make smaller trades less profitable. Investors who are unaware of the minimum fee might unknowingly incur a loss on small trades due to the fees.

In summary, if you are looking for a broker who offers a high-touch approach when it comes to views on the market, and offers high-tech solutions when it comes to app features, try out uSMART, which also offers one of the lowest rates in town.

From Aug 1, 2022, open a uSMART account and maintain an AUM (assets under management) of at least $200 for 30 days to receive up to two Apple shares worth up to $420 (value varies depending on the AUM amount). This is offered in addition to a $15 cash voucher to start with, no strings attached. Terms and conditions apply to this promotion.

Learn more about uSMART's sign-up rewards and ongoing promotions.



All forms of investments carry risks, including the risk of losing all of the invested amount. Such activities may not be suitable for everyone.

All investments are subject to investment risks and possible loss of capital. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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