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Asian users aged 31-34 most accurate in finance assessments: Robocash

Asian users of online financing services who fall between the ages of 31 and 34 are the most accurate in matching their finance needs to actual...

E-commerce may boost Thailand SMEs' income and reach

Bricks-and-mortar vendors in Thailand saw receipts from both online and offline sales increase after adopting e-commerce, a survey has found.

Thailand's internet economy 'healthy' but lags in digital adoption

Despite the government's ambitions, Thailand still lags behind in digital adoption compared to its regional peers

Slow growth the main risk to Indonesian property market: Report

The biggest risk to Indonesia’s property sector is economic growth that falls below the 5 per cent benchmark.

Myanmar needs strong governmental role in taking on China's BRI projects

MYANMAR would need to take a strong governmental role is to accelerate the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor as it becomes an active part of China's...

Malaysian building materials to cost more by end-2019: Report

The construction industry is expected to pick up this quarter on infrastructure projects like the East Coast Rail Link, an analyst noted.

The Greater Mekong region will urbanise faster than UN’s estimates: ANZ

With increasing clustering taking place around existing cities, the rate of urbanisation in the Greater Mekong region, which comprises Cambodia,...

Asia Pacific clocks record-breaking year-to-date real estate transaction volume of US$128 billion

Commercial real estate transaction volumes for the Asia Pacific region have hit a new high of US$128 billion year-to-date, according to JLL. 

Realising the future of work

Technological disruption will reshape the workforce of the future. Governments have a dual role to play in enabling the reskilling of their own...

Harnessing the potential of AI for public safety

SINGAPORE, with its mature infrastructure and digital ecosystems is fast becoming a global frontier for artificial intelligence (AI) and the...

Major reforms "unlikely" with new Indonesian cabinet: analyst

The president's pro-invesment stance may be hindered by coalition partners, says Control Risks

Support for construction, supply-chain shifts in Malaysia's Budget

Economists highlight those sectors as the ones that will receive a boost

Vietnam is leading Asean growing solar PV market

South-east Asia's cumulative solar photovoltaic capacity is expected to triple within the next 5 years

Biogas as a sustainable energy solution for Southeast Asia

The recent advent of a circular economy highlights the importance of anaerobic digestion and biogas. Anaerobic digestion is a process where large...

Global waste flows to Asia increasing but region is taking steps to remedy situation

Global flows are shifting toward Asia on seven of eight dimensions namely trade, capital, people, knowledge, transport, culture and resources...

In about 4 yrs: Retail payments across Asean via mobile numbers

OVER the next four years or so, Singapore will work with other Asean countries to link up their real-time payment systems to enable small retail...

Malaysia 5G: Wholesale network proposals unlikely to be favoured

MALAYSIA'S telecoms regulator is unlikely to support a government-led rollout of a wholesale mobile network, although it will be keen for...

Experiential- and activity-based concepts gaining traction in malls

Pop-up retail is fast gaining traction even among established brands, offering another avenue through which physical retail can attract shoppers,...

Trade diversion to Asean-6 gathering pace: Citi

Their share of US imports of products on the tariff list has been rising faster

Asia's self-sustaining growth is shield against US tariffs

In the latest episode of the trans-Pacific trade dispute a can was kicked down the road – the US tariff hike
originally scheduled for 15...

The double edges of growing exports to China

Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam could be more vulnerable to "future Chinese economic coercion": expert