THEY tidy the baggage carts in airports, they sell clothes or work as cashiers in supermarkets at an age when their peers have long ago retired.

SINGAPORE dropped one notch to 28th place among 43 countries in the latest annual edition of a retirement security index.

AS a finance major, Daniel Houston weighed three job offers when he was interviewed for a position at Principal Financial Group in 1984.

[BENGALURU] Qantas Airways said on Thursday long-serving Chairman Leigh Clifford will retire in October 2018.


WHEN Dr Mahathir became President of Malaysia for the second time, at the ripe age of 92 years, he demonstrated it is possible to continue working productively, as we enter our twilight years. Rather...

WHILE there has been intense focus on general pension underfunding throughout the developed world, many have overlooked how much worse the problem is for women.

[NEW YORK] Saving and investing for retirement are important. But at a certain stage for most people, another strategy is far more powerful: working a little longer.


WHO would have thought those with net worth numbering seven figures would be plagued by financial worries. Yet, according to a study by UBS, 42 per cent of Singapore's millionaires worry that...

ENSURING retirement adequacy is a central policy goal of any pension system. While in no way prescriptive, the term "adequacy" conjures up several definitions to policymakers. While some...

RECENTLY, financial adviser Joseph Kelly visited a client who had seen the value of his retirement savings soar, thanks to a surging stock market.