End of a chapter in Singapore's art history

THE new show at NTU Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) in Gillman Barracks will be its last. The solo exhibition of Trinh T Minh-ha's films opened over the weekend and will run till Feb 28, 2021 - after which CCA's current space, with its flexible exhibition hall and screening room, will shutter...

What will we eat in 2030?

TEN years ago, it would be inconceivable to eat a delicious hamburger that's made out of plants or grown in a lab. But ten years from now, they may be the bulk of the hamburgers we eat.

Casting the literary net wide

FOR the first time in its history, the Singapore Writers Festival is not bound by its geographical namesake. At a low ticket price of S$20, you can access most of its virtual events from anywhere in the world.

Saving cinema

IT was only last year that Nelson Mok opened the Singapore office of Endeavor Content to find Asian film and TV content to produce and sell to the rest of the world. Endeavor Content is a division of Endeavor, a global leader in the development, financing and sales of film, TV, theatre and audio...

Agents for change

"I have over three decades of experience in the investment banking industry. In 2002, I co-founded TC Capital, a pan-Asian boutique investment bank based in Singapore which specialises in M&A advisory and capital market transactions in Asia.

BTLuxe-Ermenegildo Zegna Style Spotlight

Food for good


Sophistication meets subculture

THE BLACK LEATHER BOMBER perhaps sums up the spirit of the collaboration. From a distance, it would not look out of place on the mean streets of any seething metropolis.

Singaporeans, are you happy?

IN 2019, TEDxSingapore held a conference to examine the happiness of Singaporeans. It conducted a straw poll among its roughly 140 participants to ask how happy they were. The participants scored an average of 7.6 out of 10 on the happiness scale - with several participants putting their...


Surviving a financial meltdown

RECENTLY, a 2014 novel titled Station Eleven and written by Emily St John Mandel returned to global bestseller lists. The novel tells the story of a global pandemic that wipes out 99 per cent of Earth's population.

Young, bold voices at Gillman Barracks

IN this pandemic, young Singapore visual artists have unexpectedly come to the fore, promising succor and salvation for the struggling scene. National Gallery Singapore's latest showcases brim with their fresh, whimsical perspectives. Independent spaces such as Grey Projects and soft/WALL/studs...


Raised By Wolves delights - then degenerates

RIDLEY Scott knows science fiction. As the director of Blade Runner (1982), The Martian (2015) and three Alien films (1979 - 2017), he's extremely adept at creating striking, surreal backdrops for stories set in the future.


Out of the crisis, young kooky voices emerge

AN unexpected generational chasm has just opened in Singapore's most august art institution. After five years of showcasing blue-chip art by the region's most established artists, National Gallery Singapore is devoting its latest exhibitions to art by young, untested artists instead.


Unexpected balm for the anxious worker's soul

SINGAPORE faces its worst recession in history. The unemployment rate here has risen to its highest in a decade. And one in five companies say they might cut staff, according to a study by the Singapore Business Federation. With some estimates putting the number of layoffs at past 100,000 by the...

Art galleries brace for the worst

IN 2014, Singapore artist Stefanie Hauger - fresh from winning the UOB Painting Of The Year in the local and regional category - held a solo exhibition at the UOB Art Gallery in UOB Plaza. With thousands of people passing through the building daily, her paintings attracted a lot of eyeballs and...

Digital theatre is here to stay

HOW can theatre carry on in the age of social distancing? Since physical stages went dark in April, some Singapore practitioners have arrived at successful digital solutions, while others appear to be biding their time till theatres reopen.

Art for the end of the world

IF the end of the world is nigh, what's the use of art anyway? Well, it depends on which artist you ask.

Singapore fashion struts on

MAX Tan remembers his first collection 10 years ago: "I was like any other young designer, I didn't really think things through - I just jumped straight into it . . . So when my debut collection was listed on Stylesight.com (an influential trend website now part of wgsn.com) as one of the Top 10...

The push for Asian designers

VIRTUAL fashion fest The Front Row is helping Asian designers pivot onto the digital runway and beyond. Minju Kim, the South Korean winner of Netflix's international fashion competition Next In Fashion; Carven Ong, designer for the Crazy Rich Asians film; and Tube Gallery, Thailand's avant garde...

Sewelô stunner

IT is hyped as a stone to surpass all stones - save for one. The Sewelô diamond, which weighs an astonishing 1,758 carats, is the second largest rough gem diamond in the world, discovered in the Karowe mine in Botswana in April 2019. The diamond is as big as a tennis ball, and is now in...

Spending in a pandemic

IN another life, businessman and investor Benjamin Goh's calendar was much like that of his fellow globetrotters - jetting around Asia once a month for work, and at least four times a year to Europe and beyond for both work and play. His passions are food, wine, culture, watches, cars - and his...

James Liang, Chairman & Co-founder, Trip.com Group

IF TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS are lifted between Singapore and another country such that you don’t have to quarantine yourself upon arrival, you should take advantage of it immediately – chances are, you’ll be able to get great deals on hotels and attractions, without the crowds and queues.

Laggards or leaders in technology?

IS LUXURY KEEPING pace with technology? Is the high-end customer experience being elevated by A.I.? Can digital experiences deliver more personalised and exclusive services while still preserving a luxury brand’s integrity? No, no, and yes, answers a new paper co-authored by NUS Business School...

Singapore's First Virtual Fashion Fest

A NEW DIGITAL fashion festival called The Front Row may be what the local industry needs to become viable.

Charlie Kaufman's Debut Novel Is Brilliant

THERE ARE SOME people in the world who can’t get enough of Charlie Kaufman.

ChildAid raises S$1.95m for underprivileged children

IN homes across the world, over 1,150 performing artists got together to celebrate the power of music to comfort and unite people in these challenging times.