Art On Track

THE ART WORLD WOKE UP to a rude shock recently when MCH Group – the brand behind the world’s most famous art fair Art Basel – announced it was pulling out of Singapore’s new art fair Art SG even before the curtain rose on it.

The Return Of Polaroid

IN THE AGE OF commonplace digital image manipulation, Polaroid photographs feel refreshingly honest and direct. In theory, at least, you can’t fake a Polaroid.

Remembering Bugis

Four dancers move through various locations around Kampong Bugis and recall the glory days of the district, particularly in the 1950s when it housed Kallang Gasworks, then the industrial pride of the yet-to-be-formed country.

Taha Bouqdib

TAHA BOUQDIB DOESN’T believe in coincidences. He uses words like “soul”, “destiny” and “in my blood” when describing how he got into the tea business at the age of 23.

Dynamic Duo

Elmgreen and Dragset are the famous provocateur duo behind some of the most talked-about artworks in the world.

Travelling alone and loving it

WHAT IS IT about going solo that appeals to so many travellers today? Is it the freedom to decide your day’s itinerary – only after you’ve had your morning coffee alone in a strange hotel? Is it the thrill of discovering an alien environment all on your own? Is it the carte blanche to stop and...

On The Wall

If you have blank walls to fill, check out the 2018 Affordable Art Fair that’s running from Nov 16 to 18, with a VIP preview on Nov 15. As always, the quality of art ranges from the cutting-edge to the cookie-cutter.

Beauty and Brutality

Named best Off-Broadway play in 2016 by The Village Voice, the funny and intelligent but brutal drama Guards At The Taj tells the story of friendship between two Imperial Guards of the newly-built Taj Mahal in India in 1648.

Hugues De Pins

GROWING UP IN VERSAILLES, Hugues de Pins was fascinated by the pomp and splendour of his city’s greatest attraction, the Palace of Versailles.

Weird And Wonderful

IN THE 1980S YOU COULDN’T be in the field of science and technology without some classmate or colleague raving about a book titled Surely You’re Joking, Mr Feynman!: Adventures Of A Curious Character. Some might think a collection of personal stories by the late Nobel Prize-winning physicist...

A Year Of Comebacks

AT 29 YEARS OF AGE the Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) doesn’t look worse for wear. There were years when crises of funding or leadership led to dramatic organisational changes. But as it pushes 30, the festival has settled into a more comfortable rhythm and found its core audience...

Self-Made Art

Ashidiq Ghazali is a classic autodidact. In the 1990s, he was part of rap duo Construction Sight along with Sheikh Haikel

Keeping In Character

You might know Miss Havisham, the strange old spinster in Charles Dickens’ novel Great Expectations, who insisted on wearing her wedding dress everyday since she was jilted at the altar years ago.

The Write Stuff

Smartphones may be our communication tool of choice, but writing instruments haven’t fallen out of vogue yet.

Art In The City

MARINA ABRAMOVIC LIKES DURIANS. Twenty years ago, a humble university professor contacted the artist and asked her to give a lecture at his art department at the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. He told her frankly, “But I have no money to pay you.” Abramovic agreed to fly economy class to...

My Funny Valentine

IN FRANCE, JOEL POMMERAT IS one of the country’s most popular theatre writer-directors. He’s garnered dozens of French awards and nominations. And his plays typically sell out their runs. But few in Asia may have heard of him. None of his scripts have been translated and published in English. And...

The Free Spirit

I’m Min Chan, owner and operator of two restaurants – Club Street Social and Decker Barbecue. I’m incredibly passionate about the food and beverage business. I started out as a management trainee at Raffles Hotel years ago, doing everything from being a receptionist to a concierge, but I knew very...

Halloween Spookfest

Love horror films? This Halloween, Golden Village is holding its 12th Horrorthon from Oct 26 to 31, with four acclaimed indie horror films that have never been shown in Singapore.

Lear Revisited

The increasingly cutting-edge theatre company Nine Years Theatre is back with a reworking of Shakespeare’s classic, King Lear.

Sensual Beauty

Embodiment|Sentience is the first exhibition of Teng Nee Cheong since the artist passed on in 2013.

Pluck And Play

AARON CURRY MAKES ABSTRACT SCULPTURES that are devoid of any reference to the natural world. Yet these squiggles, loops and zigzags seem to have a life of their own, like some undiscovered shape-shifting amoebas in bright fluorescents, emanating joy and mischief from within their biomorphic forms.

Bountiful Bahrain

NOT MANY PEOPLE here have visited the Arab kingdom of Bahrain, let alone seen its art. But as the Turkish proverb goes, if the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain.

Paige Parker

ON JAN 1, 1999, Paige Parker and her soon-to-be husband Jim Rogers embarked on a three-year worldwide road trip that would set the Guinness record for the longest continuous car journey.

Step Up

See the best of contemporary and classical dance at the Esplanade’s popular annual da:ns festival. This year’s highlights include the excellent Nederlands Dans Theatre 1 whose quadruple bill on Oct 13 and 14 includes Shoot The Moon (pictured) by Sol Leon and Paul Lightfoot. Set against Philip Glass...

Cyndi Lauper

SOMETIME IN 1983, THE world sat up and noticed on TV a petite redhead dancing like a crazy person in an MTV video. She had a voice like no other - a big expressive lyric-soprano that verged on shrill screaming. And the song that would thenceforth be played at every female-dominated event from...