Christina Teo

IN THE WORLD of startups and angel investing, men still outnumber women substantially. But Christina Teo, a Singaporean tech and telco veteran, is trying to help change that with her two-month-old initiative called she1K (pronounced she-one-kay).

Lucy Liu, a woman of many talents

THE crowd couldn’t stop snapping pictures of the star on Friday’s packed opening night. The not-so-soft whispers went: “She looks amazing for her age”, “I can’t believe she’s 50,”, “Charlie’s Angel in the house y’all”, “Who’s she wearing?”

Of mice, men and mazes

SOMETIME the late 1990s, every white-collar father was getting the same gift on Father’s Day - the business book Who Moved My Cheese? written by Dr Spencer Johnson. Okay, well, that’s a slight exaggeration. But the book did sell almost 30 million copies in 37 languages. And one couldn’t walk into...

Wild Boy

In 1828, a strange boy appeared in Nuremberg, Germany. He had a limited vocabulary and poor social skills, after apparently being raised in a small, dark cell. But he could spell his name: Kaspar Hauser. The boy soon sparked much debate and controversy, with some calling him "a miracle"...

Hipster meets sci-fi

Fancy a hip addictive sci-fi story to listen to while commuting? Check out Bubble, a very cool podcast series about modern-day hipsters struggling to find jobs and pay their rents in an alien-infested city called Fairhaven.

Premier art fair cancelled at the last minute

ART Stage Singapore, long regarded as Singapore's biggest visual art fair, is cancelling the event just eight days before it's scheduled to open at Marina Bay Sands. ...

Queen of K-pop

The roaring reception at the HallyuPopFest 2018 for her limited song set was enough to convince K-pop queen Taeyeon to return to Singapore for a full-fledged concert this weekend.


Remember reading those “choose-your-own-adventure” books when you were young? The ones that let you decide how the story should go after each cliffhanger?

Mark Chan

WHEN Mark Chan was a teenager, his father took away his drawing paper and paint brushes so he would focus on the sciences in school - the kind of pragmatic unilateral decisions parents sometimes make.

Art In The City

FROM JAN 19 to 27, the city will be awash with visual art, in locations as central as the Civic District and as peripheral as Woodlands and Jurong.

Alfonso Cuaron

FRESH FROM WINNING the 2014 Oscar for Best Director for Gravity, Alfonso Cuaron could have handpicked any high-profile Hollywood project for any amount of money. Instead, the Mexican director made a series of contrarian decisions – first, to return to his hometown and direct an independent Spanish-...

Art Makes A Statement In Kochi

KOCHI IN KERALA is known for its laid-back charm, its lively dining scene, and the amazing Ayurvedic massages that make you feel a decade younger. Like Luang Prabang and Chiang Rai, it attracts the most discerning of leisure travellers, eager for a relaxed experience a world away from the hustle...

Hidden Figures

An unusual photo exhibition is taking place across bus shelters around the island. From now till the end of January, several bus shelters are showcasing in their JCDecaux advertisement panels images of migrant workers posing in front of construction sites, instead of being hidden within the walls...

A Gentleman's Guide

Want to now how to buy the perfect flowers for that special someone, or give a great foot massage? When travelling, how do you fold a suit so it remains crease-free, or get quality sleep on a flight? At work, what is the right handshake or public speaking technique?

Living life better in 2019

2018 has been a tumultuous year on many fronts. The markets have been volatile, with the possibility of 2019 bringing more gloom.

Mini Inspirations

“Stylish”, “original” and “ahead of the pack”. These are words frequently used to describe the MINI.

Learn From The Masters

Want to serve like Serena Williams, cook like Gordon Ramsay, play the guitar like Carlos Santana, take photographs like Annie Leibovitz or write bestsellers like Dan Brown?

My Brilliant TV Series

After so many bungled novel-to-screen adaptations, one might have feared that one of the most critically-lauded serious fiction series of the 21st century would suffer a similar fate. But HBO's handsome adaptation of Elena Ferrante's first book My Brilliant Friend from her four-book...

Christmas for the naughty

For misbehaving in 2018, you deserve to be punished. Santa dictates you must lock yourself in a room and endure the weirdest Christmas entertainment ever made

Christmas for the nice

Have you been good all year? Then Santa decrees you treat your family and yourself to some joyous new festive entertainment

Gazing at Gillman

Been to Gillman Barracks lately? The strong year-end shows at several galleries warrant a visit. Start at the top end of Lock Road and work your way down. Begin at Mizuma and its showcase of works by crowd-favourite Albert Yonathan Setyawan (his installation is pictured here) and the deliciously...

Bag This

Still dreaming of that exquisite bag that’s no longer selling in stores?

Art Pages

Premier publisher Phaidon makes some of best books in the world.
A Season Of Giving

Gifts for the art lover


​THERE is a unique scent out there with your name on it, one that not only reflects who you are and what you do, but also has the power to unlock the best version of you.