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Can we retire in Singapore?

A basic retirement is within the reach of every Singaporean; many can also aspire to a better-than-basic one

ENOUGH TO LIVE ON: DOS says the average monthly household expenditure per household member for the 21st to 40th expenditure quintile (lower-income workers) will be about S$657 in 10 years' time.

With the CPF salary ceiling to be raised from S$5,000 to S$6,000, DPM Tharman (above) said that this means an additional S$60,000 saved at age 65, if you are a worker aged 45 and earning S$6,000 or more today.

A COMMON question posed to me at conferences and panel discussions is: "Can we retire in Singapore?" It seems like many Singaporeans are worried that they can't.

So what does it take to retire in this country - or, for that matter, anywhere in the world? We need to have three things (see...

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