SINGAPORE'S technology startups can now get access to India's growing innovation ecosystem through the Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) network, which has expanded into Bangalore.


THE Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS) has commenced investigations into the online food delivery and virtual kitchens sectors, with an eye on the use of exclusive agreements...


THE reason it was even conceivable for Dyson to make an electric car may also have been why its project was doomed to fail: They are simply too easy to make.

ABOUT 20 employees in Singapore have been affected by Dyson's closure of its automotive division, as the British technology company ditches plans to build electric cars here.

SINGAPORE’S retail sales have fallen for the seventh consecutive month in August, compared to a year ago, on the back of poor motor vehicle sales.

STERLING soared by 3 cents to more than 1.25 against the US dollar, the highest levels in the past month.

CHINA'S hidden capital flight surged to a record high in the first half of this year, suggesting that residents wanting to move money abroad are using unrecorded transactions to evade tight...

EMPLOYERS who are seen to be at higher risk of defaulting on salaries will have to tell the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) whether they have been paying salaries on time.

MORE than S$1 billion will be spent on upgrading projects for both public and private housing estates "over the next few years".

A SINGAPORE-BASED private equity (PE) fund has become the first in the world to secure financing for PEs that is tied to sustainability improvement, reflecting the rising interest from the...