Savouring The Reality Of Mythz & Myths

LIKE its name suggests, Mythz & Myths has a fantasy element to it: a whimsical tale promising adventure and intrigue, an unpredictable journey sprinkled with clues for you to decipher and craft your own conclusion.

New Italian

Thin crust pizza from the erstwhile Peperoni in Binjai Park becomes thicker and chewier, served under the new name of LINO, after a complete overhaul of the space run by the Les Amis group.

The hours fly by on SQ22, the world's longest flight

THERE is a buffet. With very good satay. There are welcome speeches. There's singing. No dancing, but there is a rousing rendition of Frank Sinatra's New York, New York. But of course. People press forward, like horses chomping at the bit, held back by pretty women holding goodie bags. ...

Surreal Sri Lanka

THE STORY BEGINS in Colombo, when your plane touches down and suddenly the world seems to dial back decade by decade like a movie flashback, until it stops somewhere circa 1970s/80s by Singapore’s time-keeping.

More budding than blossoming

IF you think only crazy rich Asians flock to Marina Bay Sands, you're right, sort of. They may not be crazy but they're certainly rich enough, and so good at hiding it that they always look like they just came off a tour bus heading to a factory outlet...

A Meta of taste

HOW important is a chef's nationality to his cuisine? After all, you can be Asian and cook brilliant French food; some non-Italians can cook pasta to die for; and just about anyone with a very sharp knife and a sales slip with the word "Tsukiji" on it can open a Japanese restaurant...

The comeback kid

​GOODBYES DON’T LAST forever. Just look at Kenjiro ‘Hatch’ Hashida, possibly the highest profile and busiest sushi chef in Singapore. And some say in San Francisco and Tokyo.

Fresh flavours on The Sampan

RESTAURANTS are like travel agents - they all want to take you somewhere. Let chef so-and-so transport you to his little village in Burgundy/ Provence/ Tuscany. Get away from the city and enjoy tranquil botanical surroundings. Go back in time as we tantalise your tastebuds with recipes dating back...

Sushi Chiharu delivers value-for-money omakase

CUPPAGE Terrace is not Cuppage Plaza. They're just steps apart, but somehow the grubbiness of Cuppage Plaza has more cult appeal. Japanese chefs who operate there have more gritty street cred, an authenticity that comes from word-of-mouth recommendation, insider knowledge and, most importantly...

Return Of The Celebrity Chef

No, not poltergeists. Foreign celebrity chefs, that is. Just when you thought that they had lost their allure given the over-saturated F&B industry and recent big name closures, they're coming back. And in a big way...

The Real Marco Pierre White

MARCO PIERRE WHITE doesn't do things in half measures. While celebrity chefs pencil in annual visits to their overseas outposts or pick out plates from catalogues, the British restaurateur spent the last four years knee-deep in the restoration of two derelict shophouses into The English House...

Under Wraps

It started with the Brazilian wax, popularised by the Spa Esprit Group's Strip outlets. Now its founder Cynthia Chua has gone a step further - or should we say lower - in creating skincare for women's private parts. She's just launched a new grooming brand coyly named Two L(I)PS -...

Thai And Proud Of It

FOR THOSE WHO associate eating ants with Rene Redzepi of Noma, Thitid Tassanakajohn is quick to remind you that the Nordic chef didn't have first dibs on cooking with insects. ...

Still Making His Mark

MARK BEST IS not defined by his restaurant.The chef-owner of the now defunct Sydney restaurant Marque has spent most of his career at the top of the country's dining scene, where his name and "Australian cuisine" were practically uttered in the same breath...

Chinatown, Uncovered

MUCH HAS BEEN documented about Chinatown and its heritage, from its old buildings to its various sights and sounds. But a new photo collective seeks to show a different perspective - about the people, their stories and the smaller moments of everyday life that otherwise go unnoticed.

Diners come first at Ola

WHAT kind of Michelin value can you place on fun?

Dining With The Stars

Resorts World Sentosa ramps up the star power in the second edition of its mega food fair, The Great Food Festival, adding seven international celebrity chefs to its line-up of veterans at the three-day event from Sept 27 to 30.

Getting the kitchen in order at Nostra Cucina

SO Mozza is gone. So is Osteria. So is Mario Batali's reputation as a morally upright, sausage necklace-wearing New York Italian celebrity chef who would sooner rip the ribs out of a pig than touch a woman inappropriately. But aww, gee, did they have to take away the pizza recipes as well?...

Bunking in

Sustainability rules the menu at Michelin-starred restaurant Nouri so it's no surprise that it only does four-hand dinners with like-minded chefs. ...

When rice turns to wine

WHILE IT'S CONVENIENT to label sake as rice wine, it's really not a wine. Made from rice and brewed, the process is closer to beer-making, whereas wine comes from grapes that are left to mostly ferment naturally...

A promising start for Esora

GIVE it its own TV show, already.

Lunch At Waku Ghin

Finally, a way to dine at two Michelin-starred Waku Ghin without having to be a crazy rich Asian.

Checking In

Swissotel The Stamford is in the final stretch of an extensive hotel makeover which started in April last year, but guests can already start enjoying some of the new features.

Thai Food Trail

A taste of home is on the menu at this year's version of Chang Sensory Trails - an annual food festival organised by the Thai beer brand. ...

Fun fare at Kinou

KINOU is a small plates restaurant. That puts it with all the other small plates restaurants which don't want to pay for the extra ink required to print the words "starters", "mains" and "desserts" on their menus...