The Frequent Flyers

Some people live to eat. Now meet the man whose mission is to eat at all the best restaurants listed on all the top dining guides in the world.

Classy omakase by female chef

WHEN the cat's away, the mice - come out and open their own restaurant?

Eco Shop

Waste-conscious shoppers get to buy their groceries guilt-free at The Source Bulk Foods – Australia’s largest, sustainable bulk food store that’s opening its first branch in Singapore at Cluny Court.

Heston Blumenthal - Return Of A Culinary Icon

WHEN HESTON BLUMENTHAL talks, it’s almost as if you need to clear the room. Not because he’s nursing a cold – his first in, like, forever, he says, proving that even a culinary icon can succumb to the heat and humidity of Singapore, where he’s making a lightning-quick stopover.

True Singaporean flavours sprout from Mustard Seed

WE love eating with fellow Singaporeans. We love how we can all be strangers obliged to eat together in a communal setting - in more friendly countries, everyone would be best pals by the end of the night, but here, it's socially acceptable to ignore everyone except the ones you came to dinner...

Kampong Glamour

Healing Therapy

Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas’s latest health programme promises that you can Grow a New Body within seven days while enjoying an exotic holiday at the same time.

Sleep On It

If a sudden wave of sleepiness hits you, make sure you’re in the vicinity of Capitol Piazza so you can catch ‘45 winks’ at Simmons’ new flagship gallery designed by President’s Design Award winner Peter Tay.

Anne-Sophie Pic

ANNE-SOPHIE PIC - the only female chef in France to helm a three Michelin-starred restaurant - was born to be a chef, although it took her awhile to heed her life’s calling.

Funan Mall's Noka grows green shoots

IF you haven't heard of Funan Mall, chances are you might still be at Jewel in Changi Airport, wondering why you're suddenly able to take a photo of the famous waterfall without a dozen iPhone-wielding hands blocking your field of vision. Those hands have since moved to the new "lifestyle"...


Japanese-Korean fusion at Tanoshii

WHEN you're used to new restaurants fitting a certain template that includes concept- driven menus, designer aesthetics and all-round hipster vibe, Tanoshii throws you for a loop.

Black Gold

Olive oil, pasta and pizza may be often associated with Italy, but caviar?

Crab Special

Sri Lanka’s star restaurant Ministry of Crab makes a second appearance in Singapore for a two-night pop up ending on June 28 at the Shangri-la Hotel Singapore.

The Future Of Singapore Food

ON JUNE 25, as the culinary world watched the countdown of The World's 50Best Restaurants at Marina Bay Sands, Gan Ming Kiat was on the other side of town in Serangoon Gardens, quietly celebrating his own private achievement - the official opening of his new restaurant, Mustard Seed.


The World’s 50 Best Restaurants - How to make it better

NEXT to a good dish, gossip can be just as delicious. As fast as the names of the World's 50 Best Restaurant Awards were being rattled off on Tuesday night, so were the WhatsApp messages pinging on my phone.

Stars shine at World's 50 Best

LOTS of new entries, a few women chefs, one Chinese restaurant and a fake chihuahua - these were some of the highlights that brightened up an otherwise run-of-the-mill World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards 2019, held for the first time in Singapore on Tuesday night.

Cream of the Crop

Is it a showcase of the best restaurants or the most popular, and what does it take to get into one of the world's top restaurant guides? Singapore's industry players weigh in


New chef shines at Black Swan

WE smell something at The Black Swan. Not so much food, but fear - our fear. The kind that idiot cousins from the remote plains of wherever (in our case Toa Payoh) feel when they leave their comfort zones to come visit their more sophisticated kin in the financial core of the city.

A Regal Feast

Cooking For The Earth

If a rose is a rose no matter what it’s name, a tomato is a tomato no matter what its shape. That’s the philosophy behind the new dining concept Kausmo, which rescues perfectly edible but not so pretty produce from being thrown away, and turns them into thoughtful, delicious and innovative...

Keanu Reeves makes 'Always be My Maybe' a Sure Thing

 FINALLY, AN ASIAN-American movie that you can savour without choking on the painfully self-absorbed pathos of second-generation immigrants torn between upholding cultural traditions and assimilating into the society they grew up in.

Brett Tollman

BRETT TOLLMAN LIVES and breathes the travel business. He was just five when he followed his mother Beatrice around as she managed the family’s hotels in South Africa, not to mention spending over 35 years professionally in what is now The Travel Corporation (TTC) – the mammoth tourism and...

Heartfelt Nonya cooking at Indigo Blue Kitchen

A PERANAKAN restaurant without a Nonya chef is like a rebel without a cause. A rose without a thorn. A bibik without a sharp tongue. A grandmother who might wonder what her grandson is thinking, opening a Straits Chinese restaurant without a single patois-speaking, much less rempah-weaned chef...


Whitegrass makes a comeback

IT was supposed to be a clean break. After a three-year relationship with Singapore diners who fell in love with his brand of modern Australian cuisine at Whitegrass, Sam Aisbett decided it wasn't going to work out. "It's not you, it's me - and manpower problems, leasing issues..."

Social Space

Frasers Hospitality has just opened its newest hotel residence Capri by Fraser in China Square, blending the heritage of Chinatown and the CBD’s urban buzz to woo e-generation travellers.