Miss flying? Here’s an antidote

NETFLIX HAS JUST released what may be the best kind of counterintuitive programming in these stay-indoors times.

Liling Ong, Restaurateur

IN SOME WAYS, Covid-19 has helped open the layman’s eyes to the various challenges facing restaurateurs on any given day, says Liling Ong, founder of the Cicheti group of Italian restaurants. 


All Singapore music for an all-S'pore cause

FLYING the flag for Singapore music, students of School of the Arts (SOTA) are holding a Covid-19 online benefit concert featuring only music by local artists. One of the highlights of the show is 14-year-old music student Evan De Silva's stylish ukulele rendition of Dick Lee's iconic National...

Steinway's youth piano contest goes virtual

STEINWAY'S popular youth piano competition has gone online, not just in an effort to observe social distancing measures, but also expand its audience base as millions of people stay home under lockdown restrictions. Performers livestream their playing direct from their homes, while judges make...

Outlook On Luxury: Can Virtual Sales Hold Up The Market?

With fairs cancelled and exhibitions closed, the art world looks to alternative sales platforms 

Outlook on luxury: Fashion gets real

ON THE GROUND, there are reports of spending sprees in all its various guises. Chinese consumers, who have been shopping-deprived for months, are snapping up goods within their country while global travel restrictions remain in place. 

The Hot Mess Of Hollywood

Ryan Murphy’s new TV show Hollywood tries to right the wrongs of Tinseltown’s past

Outlook on Luxury: Setting a new path for gems

Can the jewellery market rise from the ashes of the pandemic to stage its own rebirth? Some industry players think so. Just last week, Bain & Company gave a grim assessment of the luxury market, predicting a contraction of between 20 to 35 percent for the full year. 

Jessica Minh Anh, Model & Fashion Show Producer

BORN IN VIETNAM, Jessica Minh Anh graduated from the University of Birmingham just after the 2008 financial crisis. As a foreign graduate in the UK, her job prospects were very limited. So she rolled up her sleeves, started her own fashion show production company from scratch, and the rest is…...


Mapletree launches coronavirus virtual shows

IN AN EFFORT to support artists in need, salute frontliners in the Covid-19 battle and provide entertainment to Singaporeans during the circuit breaker, Mapletree launched a new digital series featuring local singers, songwriters, actors and dancers in a variety of 12- to 15-minute clips on its...

Sparking Joy In Your Career

THINK ABOUT YOUR JOB. Does it fulfil you? Are there moments when you're glad you're doing this job and no other? Do you wake up some days thinking how lucky you are to go to work? Do you get shower, get dressed, and walk to your car with a spring in your step? In short, does your job "spark joy...

New Chapter For Singapore Arts

WHAT WILL HAPPEN to the arts post- Covid-19? Will audiences become so used to watching shows online that they’ll be less inclined to step back into the theatre? Will they be reluctant to pay for tickets, thinking they might see the shows streamed for free someday? Or will they simply be...

Mum’s Not Cooking – She’s Reading. Shh!

You can’t go wrong with a Rizzoli coffee table book. And this ravishing 300-page hardcover is the perfect gift for mums who love haute couture, particularly Valentino’s ultra-feminine style. Published in association with a Musee des Arts Decoratifs exhibition, the book features the Italian...

A 6-Step Guide to the Perfect Haircut

THE ONE-STOP MEN’S grooming salon in Tiong Bahru, We Need A Hero, has consistently received favourable reviews among men. Janice K, its chief barberess and manager, has been with the salon since it opened seven year ago.

Maria Micha, Psychologist

SINCE THE LOCKDOWN began, have you been sleeping more or less than you usually do, and waking up at unusual hours? Is your energy level different, and are you moodier than before? Have your dietary habits changed, and are you eating more junk food than usual? 

Supporting Local Artists and Artisans

Covid-19 has wiped out the incomes of creatives. Here’s one way to help.

Watchmakers and artists

LUXURY WATCH RETAILER The Hour Glass has launched an online film series on some of the most exciting names in horology, including Maximilian Büsser of MB&F, Rexhep Rexhepi of Akrivia, Roger W Smith and his eponymous brand, and Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei of Urwerk.


Stay home for Singapore arts

THEATRES are shut. Performers are forced to social distance. The public has to stay home. As far as the National Arts Council is concerned, however, that's no reason to miss out on the best of Singapore arts.

Digital Art Appreciation

WHEN EVERY MUSEUM in the world had to close on account of Covid-19, Google Arts & Culture was quick to offer the alternative – “virtual museum explorations” of hundreds of cultural institutions. 

Drama Queen At Home

KELLY WEARSTLER IS the Madonna of the interior decorating world. When it comes to influences and inspirations, she happily steals ideas from the best, readapts them and calls them her own. But she does this so well and so beguilingly that, like Madonna, she’s managed to build a design empire out...

Linda Collins, Author of Loss Adjustment

THERE IS LOSS felt by all in this Covid-19 crisis. The loss of job security, physical safety, personal freedoms, and the simple pleasures of shaking hands and hugging a friend. There is collective mourning for the over 100,000 lives lost and the havoc wreaked on our healthcare, education and...