Room For One

FOR CLOSE TO four decades, Tan Ching Kee, a partner in an auditing firm, and his family have called a four-storey shophouse near Little India home.

A Ride Down Vintage Lane

WALKING MAY BE one of the best ways to see a city, but riding a vintage Vespa sidecar just might top that.

Sicilian Uni

Uni isn’t a mainstay in Japanese cuisine alone. Sea urchin is also a prized ingredient on the Sicilian table.

DNA Reset

Wellness resorts help you to reset your mind and body. REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort in Bali goes a step further by partnering GenePlanet to be the first wellness resort to offer NutriFit, a preventative genetic DNA testing service package.

On Higher Ground

FOR BUSINESSWOMAN FLORENCE Lim, finding a designer for her vacation home in Marbella’s La Mairena region was a nobrainer. With 20 years of friendship between them, and seven homes already built for her, she naturally turned to Voon Wong, architect and designer at Viewport Studio.

The Heritage Keepers

A group of Singaporeans take it upon themselves to keep their culture and traditions alive.

Pictures of Home

See life in post-independence Singapore through the lens of a veteran photographer.

Meidi-Ya Grows

After 16 years at Liang Court, fans of Japanese supermarket Meidi-Ya can get their fix at its second outlet in Great World City.

Hitting The Mark

Two's Company

Lifestyle brand Supermama’s best-sellers include its collection of blue-and-white porcelain plates, featuring icons of Singapore, such as HDB flats and the Merlion.

Milk Bar Revival

IF YOU’RE OF a certain vintage, you no doubt have happy childhood memories of milkshakes and ice cream at Magnolia Snack Bar.

Doggy's Day Out

On June 30, Quayside goes to the dogs, thanks to homegrown artisan pet supplier Tayla Sorvete’s Pup Club popup.

Patron Saint

If you’re heading to Malacca this weekend, pop into The Majestic Malacca for the Kristang celebration of San Pedro.

Life On The Dotted Line

Yayoi Kusuma is well known as one of the most successful living artists in the world with her signature bright and happy dotted art works.

Plans for the Future

​WHEN YOU’VE BEEN living in the same neighbourhood for over 20 years, it’s hard to think about moving. So when one family’s cosy detached house in Serangoon Gardens started showing its age even as their own needs changed, they decided to rebuild it to their specifications rather than find a new...

Thomas Heatherwick

THE NAME Thomas Heatherwick may not immediately ring a bell, but it doesn’t matter because his creations are not something you would easily forget.

Cafe of Memories

Sake Spotlight

Sake lovers have yet another outlet to indulge with the Sake Festival Singapore, organised by veteran liquor distributor Orihara Shoten.

Scent of a Woman

SIRI HOUSE at Dempsey is the hipster meeting place du jour, bringing design, art, retail and food under one roof.

Right on the Mark

​A PROPER SHOWER at the end of the day is something Singaporeans easily take for granted, but it’s a different story in other parts of Southeast Asia where low water pressure is the norm, thanks to poorly maintained infrastructures.

Good Dad, Cool Dad

Singapore fathers are carving a middle ground between old-school Asian disciplinarian and liberal Western parent

A Taste of History

Five local master chefs share their traditional, time-honoured recipes

Picture Perfect

The pet-obsessed who want to go beyond taking countless photos of their furkids can go one up by painting them.

An Epic Journey

Scent Of An Orchid

They stand out for their elegant, structured blooms, but what’s less obvious is that orchids can also give out an alluring scent.