Hardy survivors of S-chip fallout worth a second look: analysts

THE painful experiences ranging from accounting fraud to the lack of accountability with past Chinese companies listed on Singapore Exchange (SGX) continue to cast a pall over the entire S-chip community.

Derivatives space: India can benefit from network effect: SGX

FROSTY reactions from new and existing players in the derivatives space, like the one being waged by India against offshore derivatives trading based on Indian securities, are not new.

Seller of Asian Story to Kimly had links to Pokka

WANG Chia Ye, the man who sold Asian Story Corporation (ASC) to coffee shop operator Kimly before the entire deal was rescinded on Nov 29, was a former employee of Singapore drink company Pokka.

Kimly voluntarily suspends trading amid disclosure gaps

BARELY a week after Kimly Limited sought a halt in the trading of its shares pending an announcement, Singapore's largest traditional coffee shop operator voluntarily suspended trading on Tuesday, amid speculation of disclosure gaps. ...

SGX derivatives built for risks and access to EM Asia

UNCERTAINTIES and risks caused by Brexit, trade and currency wars, de-globalisation, and political tensions are enough to send shivers through financial markets, but Singapore Exchange (SGX) thrives on this kind of environment.

Noble - too much faith in a 'clean' audit?

SINGAPORE authorities finally took action on Tuesday to probe locally listed Noble Group, more than three years after the first reports of accounting irregularities surfaced at the Hong Kong-based commodities trader.

Noble probe launched - three years after alarms first raised

BARELY a week to the expected listing of a new Noble Group that will be born out of a massive debt revamp on the Singapore Exchange (SGX), Singapore authorities have stunned the market with news that they are finally probing the commodities group for potential breaches of securities rules and...

Death knell for contra trading as T+2 looms

COME Dec 10, trade settlement on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) will be cut from three to two days after the transaction date - a move that's expected to be the final nail in the coffin for contra-trading...

HK-listed Singapore companies fizzle after IPO sizzle

SEVERAL homegrown Singapore companies have sought listings in Hong Kong, but experts warn that investor familiarity is crucial to avoid being buried in the graveyard of illiquid and uncovered stocks.

SGX less strict than peers, but compliance is weighing on firms

PRESSURE to comply with the rules and guidelines of the Singapore bourse have risen as regulators tighten their watch and while this is necessary to safeguard the market's reputation, it is also becoming onerous for many small and mid-cap companies, say market players. ...

GIC is world's third most influential and powerful asset owner

SINGAPORE sovereign wealth fund GIC has made a dramatic ascent to became the world's third most influential and powerful asset owner after two large US pension funds...

China's growth potential remains unmatched despite risks: GIC

GIC has benefited from being an early and steady investor in China and stays committed despite various risks.

SGX RegCo to relook exit offers, voting requirements for delistings

DELISTING offer prices may have to be both fair and reasonable in future, and the voting requirements tweaked, if proposed changes being considered by the Singapore Exchange Regulation (SGX RegCo) come to pass.

SGX is clearly more than just a securities market

WHEN the Stock Exchange of Singapore was incorporated in May 1973 and officially opened in June that year, Hon Sui Sen, Singapore's then finance minister, envisioned that it would become one of the leading stock exchanges in the world...

Keeping to the spirit of AGMs

THE latest season of Annual General Meetings (AGMs) - the once-a-year affair in which investors get to engage with the management of companies they invest in - has mostly concluded, with something for both boards and shareholders to think about.

Derivatives drive SGX's Q1 net profit up 0.4%, higher interim dividend declared

THE Singapore Exchange (SGX) on Friday reported a 0.4 per cent increase in its first quarter net profits from a year ago, boosted by a strong derivatives market as its traditional securities business suffered a pullback.

SGX plans to hard-code due diligence banking guidelines into listing rules

SINGAPORE Exchange Regulation (SGX RegCo) plans to incorporate the due diligence guidelines issued by the Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) under its Listing Rules, following a public consultation that will take place by the year end.

Is there room for a fourth telco?

STARHUB'S shock retrenchment of about 10 per cent of its workforce, hot on the heels of Keppel Corp's surprise plan to buy out the rest of M1 shares it does not own, has resurrected concerns over whether Singapore has room for a fourth mobile operator. ...

VP Bank safely ahead of the game

TEN years ago, Liechtenstein-based VP Bank received a licence from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in June to establish a new bank in the city-state. Shortly after, on Sept 15, Lehman Brothers filed for the largest bankruptcy in US history, sending the global financial world crashing and...

StarHub to cut headcount in corporate revamp

STARHUB is about to make changes in its organisational structure that could result in lay-offs among its 2,500 employees in a bid to stay "agile and lean" ahead of new challenges, disruptions and threats...

Long-term investors give M1 another lease

BEING contrarian can be rather unnerving, but Keppel Corp's move to buy out M1 at the time when the telecom industry is reeling from fierce competition appears a happy resolution for all parties, including M1's other shareholders who may not have the stomach for roller-coaster rides...

Keppel, SPH to make joint offer for M1; Keppel to privatise Keppel T&T

KEPPEL Corp (KepCorp) on Thursday said it will be making a pre-conditional voluntary general offer of S$2.06 cash a share for the M1 shares it does not own, and a separate offer to privatise subsidiary, Keppel Telecommunications and Transportation (Keppel T&T), at S$1.91 a share in cash.

Keppel and SPH to buy rest of M1; Keppel to privatise Keppel T&T

KEPPEL Corp Ltd (KCL), together with Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), plan to make a pre-conditional voluntary general offer of S$2.06 per share for the remaining M1 shares they do not own, valuing Singapore's third largest mobile operator at around S$1.91 billion...

Keppel to privatise Keppel T&T with S$1.91 per share cash offer

KEPPEL Corp said on Thursday that it plans to privatise Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation Ltd (Keppel T&T) with a S$1.91 per share cash offer.

Keppel, SPH to make S$2.06 per share offer for rest of M1

KEPPEL Corp, together with Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), will be making a pre-conditional voluntary general offer of S$2.06 per share for the remaining M1 shares they do not own, valuing Singapore's third largest mobile operator at S$1.9 billion. ...