SGX plans to hard-code due diligence banking guidelines into listing rules

SINGAPORE Exchange Regulation (SGX RegCo) plans to incorporate the due diligence guidelines issued by the Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) under its Listing Rules, following a public consultation that will take place by the year end.

Is there room for a fourth telco?

STARHUB'S shock retrenchment of about 10 per cent of its workforce, hot on the heels of Keppel Corp's surprise plan to buy out the rest of M1 shares it does not own, has resurrected concerns over whether Singapore has room for a fourth mobile operator. ...

VP Bank safely ahead of the game

TEN years ago, Liechtenstein-based VP Bank received a licence from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in June to establish a new bank in the city-state. Shortly after, on Sept 15, Lehman Brothers filed for the largest bankruptcy in US history, sending the global financial world crashing and...

StarHub to cut headcount in corporate revamp

STARHUB is about to make changes in its organisational structure that could result in lay-offs among its 2,500 employees in a bid to stay "agile and lean" ahead of new challenges, disruptions and threats...

Long-term investors give M1 another lease

BEING contrarian can be rather unnerving, but Keppel Corp's move to buy out M1 at the time when the telecom industry is reeling from fierce competition appears a happy resolution for all parties, including M1's other shareholders who may not have the stomach for roller-coaster rides...

Keppel, SPH to make joint offer for M1; Keppel to privatise Keppel T&T

KEPPEL Corp (KepCorp) on Thursday said it will be making a pre-conditional voluntary general offer of S$2.06 cash a share for the M1 shares it does not own, and a separate offer to privatise subsidiary, Keppel Telecommunications and Transportation (Keppel T&T), at S$1.91 a share in cash.

Keppel and SPH to buy rest of M1; Keppel to privatise Keppel T&T

KEPPEL Corp Ltd (KCL), together with Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), plan to make a pre-conditional voluntary general offer of S$2.06 per share for the remaining M1 shares they do not own, valuing Singapore's third largest mobile operator at around S$1.91 billion...

Keppel to privatise Keppel T&T with S$1.91 per share cash offer

KEPPEL Corp said on Thursday that it plans to privatise Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation Ltd (Keppel T&T) with a S$1.91 per share cash offer.

Keppel, SPH to make S$2.06 per share offer for rest of M1

KEPPEL Corp, together with Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), will be making a pre-conditional voluntary general offer of S$2.06 per share for the remaining M1 shares they do not own, valuing Singapore's third largest mobile operator at S$1.9 billion. ...

Keppel, SPH seek trading halt pending announcement

SINGAPORE Press Holdings (SPH) and Keppel Corp both requested for a halt in the trading of their shares with immediate effect on Thursday morning before the market open. 

It's game on for Singtel

THE telecom landscape has become increasingly competitive, with the emergence of non-traditional players vying for almost every piece of new action.

Global trends bode well for SGX

INVESTORS' search for alpha and liquidity, as well as the stability and consistency of Singapore's capital market, are a few trends that bode well for the Singapore Exchange (SGX). ...

SGX eyes billion-dollar Reits, consumer, tech, healthcare IPOs in coming months

SINGAPORE Exchange (SGX) is seeing "very healthy" mandates for initial public offers (IPO) in the coming months - including possible billion-dollar Reits...

Forget HKEx; SGX carves out its own winning niche

UNLIKE Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEx), Singapore Exchange (SGX) does not have China as its hinterland, but has managed to punch above its weight in niche sectors, thanks to its diversified fund-raising options, says Chew Sutat, SGX's head of equities and fixed income. ...

Nine-year cap on independent directors to kick in from 2022

SOME 42.2 per cent of companies listed in Singapore have at least one independent director (ID) who has been on the board for over nine years - but they will now have to fix that by January 1, 2022. All companies will also have to ensure that IDs make up one-third of their board seats.

Building an empire on 3-in-1 instant coffee mix

THERE is an old saying "nothing ventured, nothing gained" that is applicable to Singapore-listed Food Empire Holdings. Its chief executive officer Sudeep Nair spent most of his life turning the group's fledgling 3-in-1 instant coffee mix business into a familiar brand in Russia, a...

Steve Ting on timing, luck and second phase of his career

THE global financial crisis (GFC) in 2008 almost derailed a deal that would forever change Steve Ting's life...

Jason Holdings' founder and ex-CEO Jason Sim charged with cheating

FORMER chief executive officer and executive director of Jason Holdings, Jason Sim Chon Ang, has been charged in the State Courts for allegedly cheating banks of over S$5 million over four years.

70,000 members' data stolen, but Sias unaware for 5 years

HACKERS stole the personal data of 70,000 members of the Securities Investors Association of Singapore (Sias) in 2013 - yet for five years, the investor advocate had no clue about the breach.

MAS tells financial institutions to tighten customer verification

ADDRESSING the potential risk that information stolen during the cyber attack on SingHealth may be used by fraudsters to impersonate customers and perform unauthorised financial transactions, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has ordered financial institutions to tighten their customer-...

Given a second chance, die-hard Vard shareholders must come out to vote

THERE are four more days to July 24, when Vard Holdings will again convene an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) to seek its shareholders' approval on the shipbuilder's voluntary delisting from the Singapore Exchange (SGX), and the exit offer made to them...

SGX takes carrot and stick approach to set good corporate behaviour

CARROT and stick - that's how the Singapore Exchange (SGX) will shape and deal with the corporate behaviour of listed companies here...

GIC puts more in tech firms but is mindful of surging valuations

GIC has expanded its investments in technology companies, but warns that valuations have gone up substantially and it pays to be cautious and selective.

Risk-reward outcome is key, crisis or not: GIC

NO ONE can predict how bad the next financial crisis will be; neither can anyone say for sure if the market will see a repeat of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), which began to unfold more than 10 years ago in the summer of 2007.

GIC 20-year returns ease to 3.4% amid challenging climate

GIC, the manager of Singapore's reserves, continues to deliver steady long-term returns, but warns of a challenging investment climate ahead that could pressure its key performance metric...